Home Visit Information for Parents 

For a home visit quote, email with your location and reason for referral

The consultation is scheduled for 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes:

  1. Growth analysis/explanation using growth charts/blue book
  2. Review of your infant/child’s current nutritional intake (solids, formula, breast
    milk etc).
  3. Please fill out the food diary (attached) for at least 23 days PRIOR to the
    consult. You can email this to Hanan Saleh before the appointment or provide it
    on the consult day.
  4. Analysis of current caloric intake/protein/fats and make
    recommendations/supplementation discussion as required
  5. Detailed instructions provided on paper as well as emailed to you. This
    may/may not include a meal guide/plan (this depends on the consultation
    discuss with Hanan)
  6. A folder will be compiled with nutrition literature for you regarding your
    infant/child to help consolidate advice provided.
  7. Answer any further questions you may have

Method of payment for Services:

Please note that payment must be made in full either before the consult day or on the day of your scheduled home visit consultation.
  1. EFTPOS (no charge)/Credit facilities available (credit cards have 2.2% surcharge applicable)

  2. Cash (limited change available)

  3. Bank Transfer:
    Name: Hanan Saleh
    Bank: St George Bank
    BSB: 112-879
    Acc No.: 028-696-994
    (Note this must be 2 days BEFORE the consult to allow clearance)